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Rope magic, Gambling and Others [7 avi, 1 mp4]

Category: Tutorials

Rope magic, Gambling and Others [7 avi, 1 mp4]

Rope magic, Gambling and Others [7 avi, 1 mp4]
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Category: Tutorial

This effect is at the essence of true magic. It has captivated Magicians and Laymen alike for many years. You've seen the world's greatest magicians perform this effect on TV countless times. You've tried your best to get to that level, or even surpass what you've seen. Well, welcome to your dream Card Through Window DVD. On this DVD you'll learn over 30 different ideas and methods for one of the most amazing pieces of magic ever created. Whether it's daytime or nighttime, a moving car, or a newspaper stand... on this DVD you'll learn the techniques that will allow you to perform a Card Through Window miracle just about anyplace, anytime.

Some DVD Highlights:

Card Through Window Classic -- the classic effect you've seen on TV over and over again.
Card To Wallet -- or to pocket, or inside shoe.
Card to Cell Phone -- seriously, card ends up inside of the cell phone!
Card to TV -- behind the glass and all, use any TV or computer.
Card Fly Through Window -- doesn't stick, just flies right through the window.
Deck Through Window -- yup, you can smash the entire deck through the window, VISUALLY!
Visual Card Through Window -- you pass the card visually through the window, right in front of the specs.
Wall Stab -- card ends up stuck right into the wall.
Card Through Table -- using a glass table, you pass the card right through.
Deck Through Table -- using a glass table, you pass the deck right through
These are just a few of the effects you'll learn. Remember there are over 30 presented on this DVD.

Larry Jennings - Classic Magic

Larry Jennings was one of the most prolific creators of close-up and card magic the world has ever known. For over 35 years, his name was synonymous with the upper echelon of the magic world. As one of Dai Vernon’s foremost students, he created magical effects that have become standards in just about every magician’s repertoire. The material on this broadcast-quality video is considered to be Larry’s most cherished effectsâ€"his most classic materialâ€"the magic that has made Larry Jennings one of the most enduring and respected names in all magic.
The Invisible Palm Three Aces become invisible and travel, one at a time, to join the fourth Ace. It looks like real magic!
The Visitor A signed, selected card travels magically back and forth between the red Kings and the black Kings. For the finale, the selection appears face up in the center of the deck.
The Homing Card A card mysteriously keeps traveling from the top of the deck to the top of a packet of cards held in the hand.
The Mystery Card An unknown mystery card is shown to be in the performer’s pocket. A card is selected and signed. The selection is placed between two Jokers and the three-card sandwich is placed onto a spectator’s hand. The selection vanishes, leaving the two Jokers behind. The spectator reaches into the performer’s pocket and removes the mystery card. It is the signed selection!
Impossible A self-working masterpiece wherein a chosen card is found as the spectator deals and spells the word “impossible.” Ambitious Classic A small packet miracle!
The Jennings’ Revelation The deck is cut into four piles, the piles are covered with the hands for only a brief moment and an Ace appears on top of each packet. An absolutely breathtaking effect.
Ambidextrous Travelers Four cards magically travel to four different pocketsâ€"twice!
Always Cut the Cards The performer and the spectator work in tandem to cut the four Aces into the deck. Magically, all four Aces end up on top.
The Close-Up Illusion An easy-to-do penetration effect wherein a card melts visibly through another card.

Larry Jennings - Thoughts On Cards

With this critically-acclaimed video, you'll learn methods which took thirty years of practice to develop. Effects which rise to new levels of ingenuity and deception. Effects which for years have baffled magicians and laymen alike. Simple, yet highly-original plots; seemingly imposible card probelms solved with elegant mechanics, seamless sleight-of-hand, and synthesized with naturalness and humor. Best of all, you'll be in the audience as Larry devastates a crowd in the Close-Up Gallery of The Magic Castle. It's your chance to witness card work of legendary expertise, performed live and under fire. Here then, is a performance for all time-and the diabolical methods which made it all possible. Contains:

Cannibal Kings The classic plot, with multiple vanish endings.
Sucker Punch A red herring throws them off until the last possible moment.
Oil & Water This time, the spectator helps mix the cards. Baffling.
Card Up Spectator's Sleeve Unbelievable bar or walk-around effect. Quick, invisible, direct.
Tips on the Top-Card Cover Pass Distilled from decades of experience.
Tips on The Gambler's Cop One of Larry's most deceptive moves.
Aces for Experts A new, seamless handling of Vernon's Slow-Motion Aces.
Outstanding Triumph A brilliant improvement that will change this effect forever.
Nothing Yet Aces Four randomly touched cards change to Aces. Very magical.
Twisting the Aces with a Twist More logical than ever, with a beautiful clean-up.
Flawed Transposition A one-at-a-time transposition, with an unforgettable ending.
LarRoy Reverse A collaboration with Roy Walton.
Estimated Toss A great control. A killer finish.
Deck to Pocket A clean and diabolical card to pocket.Guess the finale.
Single Cup & Ball Start with nothing. End with nothing. In-between, a classic.
A Live Performance at The Magic Castle Arguably the best lesson on the tape. Includes: Four Card Retention,Quadruple Coincidence, Open Travellers, and Ladies' Looking Glass.

Worlds Greatest Magic - Finger Ring Magic

In this volume, you’ll find amazing magic that can be performed with ordinary finger rings. Almost everybody wears a ring of some kind and because of the value people place on their jewelry, magic with finger rings assures immediate spectator interest. Perform miracles with a borrowed ring and little elseâ€"perhaps a shoelace or a wandâ€"and, of course, the knowledge you’ll obtain from the expert performers gathered on this DVD. From entire routines by creators like Daryl, Mark Leveridge, Dan Fleshman and other artists to quick visual stunners from Gregory Wilson and Al Schneiderâ€"and a whole lot more in betweenâ€"you’ll be performing world-class finger ring magic in no time.
Ring, Rope, Wand
Stirring Silver • Nest Egg
The Ring and String Routine
Off • Ring-n-Pencil
Ring Gag • Coin Through Ring
Coin Through Ring
The Ring, The String and The Safety Pin
(courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc.)
Ring and String • Ring Flight
Garrett Thomas’ Ring Thing
Ring on Rope

Worlds Greatest Magic - Gambling Routines

Volume 1

Two Shuffles Harry â€" Harry Lorayne
Good Decisions â€" Marc DeSouza
Gambler Outdone â€" Bill Malone
Dr. Daley’s Magician vs. Gambler â€" Michael Ammar
Night of Coincidence â€" Martin Nash
The Vegas Shuffle â€" Darwin Ortiz
Mexican Poker â€" Darwin Ortiz

Volume 2

School for Gamblers â€" Bill Malone
Magician vs. Gambler â€" Harry Lorayne
Ultimate Card Shark â€" Darwin Ortiz
Gambler vs. Devil â€" Marc DeSouza
Of Course I Can Deal a Good Poker Hand â€" Bill Malone
James Swain â€" Steve Forte’s Read’Em and Weep
James Swain â€" Steve Forte’s Poker Deal

Worlds Greatest Magic - Ring on Rope

On this DVD, you'll find seven different approaches to the Ring on Rope from six masters. Aldo Colombini begins and ends this volume with two distinctly different - and decidedly Aldo-esque - routines. The first combines a plastic ring, a length of rope and some great gags into a routine that will amaze and entertain just about any audience. The other is a two-ring routine with many visual surprises. Daryl and Eric DeCamps both offer a routine with a small harness ring and a cord that are both perfect for walk-around performers while Flip showcases a routine with a linking ring and a piece of rope that can bring this classic of magic to the biggest stage. Mark Leveridge performs and teaches a simple three-phase routine that integrates a presentation that is guaranteed to get your audiences involved in the magic while Frank Balzerak presents a routine that not only uses some of the classic Ring and Rope sequences but also incorporates elements of the classic Cut and Restored Rope.

Ring on Rope routines are quick, visual and extremely magical . . . and on this DVD, you'll see, and learn, in the routines presented just about every move ever invented. Learn them the way they're taught, or mix and match the moves to create your very own Ring on Rope extravaganza!

ALDO COLOMBINI Ringing Around Too DARYL Bracelet and Rope Routine

ERIC DECAMPS Ring and String Routine (Courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc)

FLIP Ring on Rope Routine
MARK LEVERIDGE The Ring Competition

FRANK BALZERAK The Puzzle (Courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc)


Worlds Greatest Magic - Rope Routines

If you could have one set of magic DVDs, this would be it! This benchmark collection features just about all of magic's most enduring and classic effects and routines. It's a fabulous compendium with many of the top masters in the world of magic teaching their handlings and routines for some of magic's classics. Linking rings, sponge balls, metal bending, cups and balls, thumb tips, Zombie, color-changing knives, and many, many more topics are all gathered in this one terrific DVD reference set. Each volume covers a specific subject and features new, old, and sometimes rare footage by some of the top video producers in magic.

Rope magic has always been a favorite of performers and audiences alike mostly due to the ordinary properties employed. Everyone is familiar with rope and when it does unexpected and impossible things, a truly magical effect is created. On this DVD, you'll see six of the world's most entertaining magicians perform and teach their favorite rope routines.

You'll see the hilarious routine that made Michael Finney one of the busiest comedy magicians in the world and Dan Harlan's miracle rope routine that you can do any time you have a length of rope and a pair of scissors. Aldo Colombini will have you laughing so hard you might just miss how magical and commercial his routine is. There's Jeff Sheridan's routine also, tempered by decades of performing on the streets of the world's greatest cities, that features sequences where the scissors become as much a part of the magic as the rope. Ted Lesley's very funny routine combines elements of many different rope magic classics, including the Professor's Nightmare. Finally, Flip's routine is unlike anything you've ever seen before as a solid loop of rope--an impossible object in itself--is taken from a length of rope, linked onto it and finally integrated fully back into the rope from which it came.

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