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Ramit Sethi - Success Triggers [30 MP4, 30 MP3, 30 PDF]

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Ramit Sethi - Success Triggers [30 MP4, 30 MP3, 30 PDF]

Ramit Sethi - Success Triggers [30 MP4, 30 MP3, 30 PDF]
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Category: Self Improvement

30 Mental Frameworks for Silencing Your Inner Critic, Maximizing Your Strengths,
and Creating the Success You Deserve!

So why ARE some people 10x, 20x, even 100x more successful than us?
Let's be honest with ourselves.
It's not just money or connections. (I came from a middle-class family of 6, and I had to pay my own way through college.)
It's not time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.
It's not just intelligence. There are tons of smart people who aren't successful...and tons of people with ordinary intelligence, who become ultra-successful!
And it's not just resources. We like to think, "Oh, HE went to X college," but deep down, we know that while resources matter, there are plenty of self-made stories.
What makes someone 10x more successful than an ordinary person?
More productive? And most importantly -- HAPPIER?

I knew I couldn't "will" myself to be more successful. I tried random things, but they didn't work -- like going to the gym for 6 months and not seeing any results. I started second-guessing myself ("maybe I'm just a skinny dude and I'll never get bigger").
The more I tried doing random things, the more frustrated I got.
It wasn't just about working out. I'd wake up with a full calendar of "to-dos"...and then, I'd get distracted by 50 random websites! I'd say things like, "I should really do that..." but in the back of my head, I knew I wouldn't.
As I said it, I KNEW I wouldn't do it. Think about what that feels like -- when you say something out loud, and you know you're lying to yourself.

I'd have hyper-spurts of productivity, but it happened sporadically. I couldn't control my own productivity.
And worst of all, I'd let critics get to me. When I decided to take an unconventional major in college, people said, "Ha, I guess that's one way to avoid a real major." When I took a Communication class, people said, "Isn't that class for athletes?" After hearing that a few times, I started doubting myself. And when your friends doubt you, and you start doubting yourself, where else are you supposed to go for support?
Yet when I looked at top performers, they seemed supremely unaffected by these things. They'd wake up, kick off their morning ritual, start working, get twice as much done as most people, and finish on time -- and just in time to hang out with friends and be totally relaxed. And they LOVED what they were doing...no matter what anyone else said!
How did they do it?

I wanted to know. Actually, I got OBSESSED, since I knew that cracking the code would be worth more than any productivity system...any book on happiness....any "tool" or "tip" I could ever get.
Mastering my inner psychology would mean knowing the road map to being successful, and confident, and happy. It would stick with me forever, to be used in virtually every situation -- careers, social, personal, financial...even spiritual. Not just this week, or next month...but FOR LIFE. A Rich Life.

So I began studying them: best-selling authors, CEOs, celebrities, top entertainers, championship athletes, world-class negotiators and more top-tier pros.
You ever meet one of these people? They have TONS of responsibilities, but when you ask them, "How do you manage it all?" they just shrug. "Ah, you just take it day by day, I guess."

What the hell does that mean? I wanted to go deeper. If I could drink what they were drinking, feel how they felt, maybe I could understand some of the magic of top performers.
And what I discovered surprised me.

I had a lot of assumptions about being "successful"...and at least half of them were TOTALLY WRONG.
But I also realized that top performers follow patterns. Sometimes, they're not even aware of the patterns themselves. But they follow them nonetheless. And from talking to top performer after top performer, I started to see these patterns.
I want to share what I learned along the way, because I know if it surprised me, it will surprise you, too.

I took my exhaustive list of Success Triggers -- the mental frameworks you can use to change your thinking -- and gathered them into ready-to-use modules for you.
These frameworks will help you go from negative thinking to positive thinking...from scarcity to abundance...from low confidence to supreme confidence.
And I share them in my own words, with my own specific examples for each Success Trigger.

This course includes:

* 30 of my most powerful Success Triggers -- all on video, all fully transcribed, all downloadable in video/audio formats
* Over 5 hours of mental frameworks, examples, and applied material so you can integrate these into your life today
* Full summaries of each Success Trigger, including study questions
* Regular reminders about each Success Trigger, including "apply-it-now" reminders to force you to implement

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn in this course:

* Why "resolutions" are dead-ends and how top performers ensure their success by approaching planning differently
* How to take intelligent, profitable risks...even if you're risk-averse
* Why successful people don't fear failure...and how to free yourself from fear of failure, too
* How do uncover the game being played around you in any field...and systematically dominate it
* How to differentiate between a shortcut and a dead-end
* What is the universe's most powerful force -- no, it's not love -- and how to leverage it for your gain
* The #1 ingredient in personal change -- and one simple hack for making your weeks twice as productive
* How to stop beating yourself up all the time and start living guilt-free...even when you make mistakes
* My step-by-step processes for uncovering and neutralizing the invisible scripts that are holding you back
* How to develop unshakable confidence in yourself
* The "Worry Vault" Technique -- which eliminated 99% of my worries
* The #1 investment you can make (HINT: Top performers invest in this like crazy and it's never too late to start)
* How to stop struggling to do everything on your own. Get my strategies and scripts for harnessing the expertise of other people
* I love this one -- How to NEVER stress about having to find work
* How much you're really worth -- financially, at work, in relationships -- and how to start increasing that value
* How to stay motivated every day
* What separates top performers from merely average ones -- you can change this TODAY
* How to optimize your time -- know exactly when to think, when to act, and when to quit
* How to avoid the "I'm so busy" overworked badge of honor -- proven strategies for maintaining work/life balance
* How to open yourself to abundance, serendipity and lasting happiness
* Even one of these could radically change the way you approach literally thousands of opportunities in your life. Whether it's approaching a romantic partner, applying for an opportunity that's "just above" your normal role, or learning how to shrug off negative critics...even one could change your life.
* But together, these Success Triggers represent some of the most powerful "inner material" I've ever developed.
* Tactics help. Systems scale. But ultimately, improving your mental frameworks and inner fortitude dwarf everything.

30 new concepts is a lot, so I organized them into weekly themes:

Week 1: Your Psychology
Week 2: Your Career
Week 3: Your Systems
Week 4: Your Rich Life
Week 5: Your Roadmap






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