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Kenrick Cleveland - Max Persuasion II The Next Step [38 MP3s]

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Kenrick Cleveland - Max Persuasion II The Next Step [38 MP3s]

Kenrick Cleveland - Max Persuasion II: The Next Step [38 MP3s, 2 DOCs]
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You have Maximum Persuasion and have amazed yourself at the power it has given you.

Now you want to go further - much further, and now you can.
Maximum Persuasion gave you a phenomenal platform of skills. . . a base that enables you to slide into the mind of another person and influence them in the course of normal conversation.

It's been credited with:
* Millions of dollars of increased sales
* More relationship success stories than I can count
* Huge jury verdicts
* Successful negotiation wins
* Job promotions of every kind
* Salary increases
* New business start-up success and
* Huge increases in conversion when applied to copywriting
* and much, much more!

You have Maximum Persuasion and have amazed yourself at the power it has given you.

Now you want to go further - much further, and now you can.
Maximum Persuasion gave you a phenomenal platform of skills. . . a base that enables you to slide into the mind of another person and influence them in the course of normal conversation.

It's been credited with:
* Millions of dollars of increased sales
* More relationship success stories than I can count
* Huge jury verdicts
* Successful negotiation wins
* Job promotions of every kind
* Salary increases
* New business start-up success and
* Huge increases in conversion when applied to copywriting
* and much, much more!

I've heard reports of people listening over and over again to the program (as many as 20+ times) to suck every last drop of information from the course.
And the thing I keep hearing is, "This is incredible, when are you going to come out with an advanced course? I want more."

If you're ready to light a fire under your skills. . . if you're ready to learn covert skills so powerful, so persuasive that by all rights they should be banned. . . if you're a strong enough person to use these skills with integrity. . . then Maximum Persuasion ll - The Next Step is just what you've been waiting for.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:
Advanced language patterns that go far beyond the first course. You will learn advanced ways to use the patterns you know as well as many additional patterns that will compel, induce and hypnotically mesmerize anyone to give you what you want. Imagine having tools that will build on what you already know, making you infinately more powerful. . . easily maneuvering inside their thoughts to create the results you want. This will be the least of what you'll do once you know these secrets.

Advanced confrontational skills will be revealed and taught. You'll gain nerves of steel and the ability to easily engage in behaviors that make make most people weak in the knees. For example, you realize that in a sales or negotiating enviornment silence is a potent weapon. Yet most can't use it with real strength because it goes against the way we're conditioned. It's time to modify that conditioning to your advantage. Another example is walking up to incredibly good looking women or men and starting a conversation. Most have some trouble doing it. But with this skill under your belt, you'll easily approach anyone you want. And sales, negotiations and any situation where you need to exude confidence and inner strength will be transformed with this strategy.

You'll learn advanced uses of meta Programs. These are unconscious, content free pattens that people run in particular contexts. Knowing what they are and how to use them will give you a huge edge. You'll learn how to put your "content" into their pattern and make them think what you want them to do is their idea. These patterns also give you a huge advantage with rapport. It is "The Next Step" in giving you advantages that are truely remarkable. You'll learn how to use them to duplicate success in hiring too. I'll even give you the forms I developed to make this easy. (This is the strategy I used to succesfully create a hiring model for a large corporation where two teams of psychologists failed).

You'll learn what I consider to be the most potent anchoring technique of all. I'll expose the strategies for you and lay bare the exact method of using it. In a recent consultation I told my client that when Governments figure out just how powerful this is, they'll outlaw it's use and censor any discussion of it. (I wasn't kidding!) This technique uses visual anchors to secure emotional states that can evaporate objections and install what you want as if by magic.

No more worrying about using anchors that require you to touch the other person. And if you want to use those kind (physical anchors), you'll learn a special one (awesome in those "intimate moments" that will make you a living legend in the mind of the person you use it on.)

These skills will transform your relationships, fill your bank account full of cash, and give you inside information on persuasion not taught elsewhere.
And perhaps best of all, you'll learn it directly from me in a way that you can immediately put to use. You'll hear me wield these skills - helping you to ingrain them into your unconscious.

You'll hear example after example. . . you'll dig deep into how these skills work. . . you'll discover strategies that are powerful, effective and easily capable of transforming your results.

This is the most advanced, power packed course I've released to date!
Another wonderful thing you will be able to do with this course is to map the meta programs of those you interact with on a regular basis. Since meta Programs hold relatively constant over time you'll be able to use these at will to convince them of anything you want, when you want. You'll be excited to look over your schedule, pull out the simple matrix you have on those you will be interacting with and proceed to put your content into their processes and easily get what you want.
This is a BIG course and it comes with a BIG bonus. . .

Maximum Persuasion ll, The Next Step contains 16 cassette tapes (or CD's) and a manual crammed to the hilt with mind bending strategies.
But because this is The Next Step, I wanted to be sure that everyone was fully up-to-speed prior to taking the class. So I conducted a series of mandatory telephone conferences.

These conferences were recorded and they turned out so well that I can't imagine you not having them. So. . .I'm giving you all Eight tapes of these calls as a bonus when you purchase now!

Here's What You'll get:
* The entire Maximum Persuasion ll, The Next Step course - 16 cassettes (or CD's),
* The manual including the special meta Program section that I use to create Hiring Profiles (and that you can use to easily keep track of those you interact with regularly),
* The 8 conference call tapes that make sure you are up-to-speed and ready to learn the material in the course.
You get all this for $997 plus shipping and handling. Or you can elect to pay 3 easy installments of just $342.33. (You save the $10 transaction fee per installment when you pay in full. Shipping is added to the first installment.)(This course is available on CD as well for a small additional fee.)

But there are some special conditions that you agree to when you order this course.

1. This course does not have our usual money back guarantee. In fact, you may not return the course for any reason. We will replace damaged or defective tapes for you at no charge, of course.

The reason we have taken this unusual approach is that the only people that should be purchasing this course are those that already own Maximum Persuasion. If you have, you know just how good our material is and you probably can't wait to get this course.

This course is smokin' hot and the temptation for people to do most anything to get it will be very high. Our no return policy on this course insures that fraud will be kept at bay from those unscrupulous enough to try it.
If you don't own Maximum Persuasion, get it now to prove to yourself just how powerful it is.

If you don't have it and purchase this course anyway, that's fine just understand that you can not request to return the product. You also need Maximum Persuasion to understand this course.

2. You may not sell this course, or any of my courses on the Internet and especially on auction sites like Ebay.

If you want to sell your course down the road, that's ok with me. But by purchasing this course, you agree not to do it online in any manner.
These policies have become necessary due to the huge amount of fraud that has arisen with online auction sites. If you wish to transfer it, just let us know to whom you are selling, and with their written acceptance of these policies, we're happy to accommodate you.

Get It Now!
This is the most advanced course I've ever released. You'll be as blown away with this as you were when you first got Maximum Persuasion. And as you put the skills to use, you'll love the changes in your life and in your results.
The course is ready to ship right now. Isn't it time to move to the next level?!


Kenrick E. Cleveland

P.S. When you click the link below, you'll be on your way to a far more persuasive you. You'll learn advanced language patterns, advanced confrontational skills, advanced uses of meta programs and what I consider to be the most powerful anchoring strategy that exists anywhere. So click now and get it!


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