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Dave Dee - Ultimate Marketing Machine BIG (GKIC) 2014

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"Unlock The Hidden Profits In Your Business In Just 8 Weeks Thanks To GKIC's Simple System For Dominating Any Market, And NEVER Have To Worry About Getting New Customers, Clients And Patients Again."

Let GKIC Take You By The Hand And Guide You Step-By-Step Toward A Total Business Turnaround In Just 8 Weeks So You Can Dominate Your Market And Leave Competitors In Your Dust.

Best Part: You'll Get Personal Attention From The GKIC Team And Your Very Own BOOK You've Authored In Only 8 Weeks.
Dear Renegade Marketer,

You know the importance of getting leads, converting leads into sales, and nurturing your customers so they'll keep giving you money again and again.

But if you're honest with yourself, you probably don't have a rock solid system that's been successfully "borrowed" from other successful 6-7 figure earners.

So keep reading every single word of this message because you're about to discover how you can

Build A Machine That Works For You 24/7 That Handles The Mission Critical Activities of List Building And Conversion

You probably got into business for many reasons: more time freedom, more money in your bank account, more independence so you can do what you want, and no boss breathing down your neck.

But at some point, things changed. The New Economy has lowered the spending power of the average consumer, and fear about our country's future has changed the landscape of business. In other words, both consumers and business owners are rife with fear, stress and uncertainty.

Yesterday's marketing methods just don't work anymore. The whole "sling stuff against the wall and see what sticks" approach to marketing and advertising can be a total waste of time and money and simply isn't effective.

Plus, competition to get customers is getting tougher and tougher as consumers get hit with 4000 commercial messages every single day. Every business is in danger of disappearing or becoming irrelevant to prospects as this competition continues to grow.

And that's why I'm writing this letter to you: to let you in on the BIGGEST and FASTEST Business Makeover Opportunity ever offered by GKIC.

You're going to be blown away when you see how you can work with the GKIC team and completely transform your marketing, lead generation, and conversion strategies in the next 8 weeks. All of these principles are what's working now in 2014 for GKIC and our founder Dan Kennedy to cut through the cluttered marketplace.

We'll be building a machine that will hum along by itself to produce a flood of new customers, clients, or patients so you truly never have to worry about it again.

Now I know what you're thinking

Oh C'mon Dave - Everybody And Their DOG
Is Promising "More Leads And More Customers"What Makes This So Much Different?

Good questionand here's the answer:

The system I'm about to share with you has over 40 years of success behind italong with clients who have earned a collective 1 BILLION DOLLARS of revenue as a result.

This powerful system has been implemented many times by GKIC founder Dan Kennedy who has helped every kind of business owner from butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers to the biggest names in diet plans, infomercial products, and info-product creators.

These same systems are what have brought massive success to GKIC and have allowed us to build one of the most loyal "herds" of customers of just about any company out there.

Best part: it doesn't matter how smart you are or if you graduated from an Ivy League school. You don't need any special knowledge or magic powers to make this work.

Over and over again, we've seen this system work for people who didn't have a formal education, people who had seen struggles and failures in the past, and people who just didn't know what to do to make their businesses grow into the future.

In other words, people just like you and me.

If you can follow simple instructions, copy and paste information, and just follow in the footsteps of MANY successful entrepreneurs before you, then in just 8 weeks, you could experience: Less worry and stress about getting new customers, clients, or patients. Imagine knowing exactly how many customers, clients, or patients you'll have coming to your website or through your doors because you'll have an effective, predictable system to attract prospects to your business. Most business owners spend years in expensive trial and error looking for the secret formula to attract their ideal prospect, but you won't waste your time and money because you'll have the secret formula working for you in just 8 weeks. More certainty about your future and the future of your business, and no staring at the ceiling at 2am wondering if you'll make payroll. I've been there and I know so many others who have, too. Worrying about money STINKS but when you have systems in place that bring certainty to your business, you sleep better. I know this for a fact. NEVER putting up with "dud" customers, clients, or patients again. It's one thing to have leads and prospects but what's the point if they're going to suck the life out of you, constantly haggle price and terms, and make your life a living hell? Working with people you don't like to work with gets really old really quickly, and can cause you extreme frustration. How would it feel to attract and do business with only your ideal clients? It is possible and it will make you LOVE your business every single day.

Just imagine waking up with joyknowing you're going to have a GREAT day because you're doing what you LOVE to do

and think about spending your time off with family and friends where you don't worry about your business and can stay mentally present with the people you love.

This business blueprint you're hearing about today can do exactly that for you. Believe me, I know because:

I Used To Really Struggle In My Business And
Was Shackled With $80,000 Of Debt

One day more than 14 years ago, while stuck in Atlanta traffic on a muggy 96° day, I had the thought of just giving up. I was working a job I hated and was deeply in debt.

I had a dream of becoming a professional magician but didn't know what to do to make it work. There was no magic trick that would allow me to live the life of my dreams.

That is until I discovered a simple 3-step system that showed me how to:

1) Create a laser-targeted lead generation system that allowed me to pre-select exactly who I wanted to work with

2) Effortlessly guide these prospects toward doing business with me thanks to a bullet-proof sales process

3) Nurture these customers so they kept coming back to me again and againand have confidence that they would NEVER do business with anyone else.

The genius behind this simple concept was a man named Dan Kennedy and his company Glazer-Kennedy Insider's CircleTM (GKIC).

As I learned more about Dan and how he had created this powerful machine capable of list building and conversion generation, I was hooked.

I figured

Any Guy Who Filed Bankruptcy Twice And
Then Went On To Be a Multi-Millionaire Must
Be Doing Something Right

It's true. Dan went bankrupt twice before he put this machine to work in his business. Heck, while out giving a lecture on success, he got his car repossessed!

He was broke, tired, and could have just given up.

But he didn't. He kept at it until he had developed the magic formula that would effortlessly keep his business full of qualified leads and customers who gladly handed their money over to him.

Once this machine was in place, all Dan had to do was turn the intensity up or down to adjust the flow so that his business fit into his life - not the other way around.

After going through a divorce and losing half of his net worth, Dan, depressed but determined to regain his wealth, turned the intensity knob to high and made more money in the next two years than he had made in his entire business life.

This Machine has built Dan, and now GKIC, a hugely responsive list, creating an overflow of pre-qualified leads that stand in line hoping to work with Dan.

And this kind of success means this

Dan Can Now Charge $100,000 For A Sales Letter And $18,800 For A Consulting Day, Allowing Him To Live Life On His Own Terms

When you're a hot commodity and can charge what you want, you get to do things like have clients come to you so you don't spend your life in airports

you get to work from anywhere you want, whenever you want and with whomever you want

and when you choose to travel, you go by private plane so you can relax and enjoy the ride instead of being squished into the middle seat

you get to write books (Dan has authored 14 of them) and accept (or decline) tons of speaking engagement invitations because you've become the "go-to" person in your industry and market.

In other words, you get to live life the way you want it - without anyone else telling you what to do.

I wanted to duplicate what Dan had done in his business so I began using these simple, easy-to-do strategies that suddenly made it all much easier for me.

Dan's program showed me exactly what I needed to do and I saw results very quickly, going from 3 magic shows per month to 30 per month in less than 12 weeks.

This was a total game-changer for me.

And that's why I'm teaching this stuff now - I get so sick of so-called "gurus" leading people down the wrong path

sick and tired of our members - really good and sincere people - struggle and worry when the solution is so simple.

GKIC wants to live out our mission of

"Saving America One Entrepreneur At A Time"

America was built on small business. And small business has taken a serious beating in the past few years.

And GKIC wants to bring knowledge and power to small business owners who just need to know what to do to be successful.

They need strong mentors to walk beside them as they build The Ultimate List Building Machine and The Ultimate Conversion Machine so that, together, they have The Ultimate Marketing Machine working for them in their business at all times.

And now you're discovering how you can be one of the 40 people who will have the opportunity to have Dan, Darcy Juarez, the GKIC copywriting team, and me work with you personally to help you build your own Ultimate Marketing Machine.

And the best part is, there's

No Special Tools Or Skills Required

You may hear Dan's story, my story, and the other success stories you've read from GKIC members, and you may feel a bit envious, thinking we have some "magical powers" or some specialized talent that you don't have.

You may think that it took a genius IQ or an expensive business degree to make us successful but here's the truth: some of the "GKIC Elite" who have utilized the Machine you're hearing about today barely graduated from high school and some never graduated at all.

And almost all of them are self-made - in other words, they didn't inherit established, highly successful businesses from family members - they've built them from the ground up.

Many of them are first generation six-figure earners and millionaires that started from scratch and had no special advantage or talent that you don't already have.

You don't have to go to school to learn these skills. There's no "Ph.D. in Marketing Mastery" program that exists at any major university.

All you have to do is follow a simple blueprint that many before you have used, take action on it, and you could be earning your first profit windfall in as little as 8 weeks

One of my favorite self-help experts is Brian Tracy and one of his favorite sayings is this:

"All Skills Are Learnable-And Nobody's Better
Than You And Nobody's Smarter Than You"

Like the note we received from a doctor who used this blueprint said:

"I'm only working 23 hours a week in my
practice and I DOUBLED my income"

This is information that Dan Kennedy has been using, teaching, and preaching for 40 years: the ability to have absolute autonomywhere you can work whenever you want, wherever you want, and do what you want without anyone's permission

where you can work with high quality people who "get" youand where you can leave the "duds" to for your competitors.

And guess what happens when you get enough people coming into your funnel so you can pick and choose your customers? Your prices go up.

So not only will you get more customers, clients, or patients to your business or practice but you could be able to double, triple, even QUADRUPLE whatever you're charging now - and just think about what that would do for your bank account, your life, and your future.

One of the best ways to achieve success is to find out what other successful people do and copy it for yourself. And that is exactly what this blueprint does for you - takes you through every step that has worked for others so you can just copy and paste it into your own business.

But here's the deal: GKIC is only offering this very personal "hold you by the hand" experience to 75 people 14 more people. This isn't just a product that you buy and then go through on your own. This is an 8 week journey that you'll be on with the GKIC team to completely transform your business.

You'll get more done in less time because you won't just be spinning your wheels. You'll be taking action every single week that will lead you to the bigger 8-week goal.

You'll Be Able to Enjoy The Benefits This Program Will Bring You, But Only If You're Willing To Take Action And Do What It Takes To Build Your Dream

Listen: this isn't some magic trick where all you have to do is wave a wand and all of your business problems will disappear.

And this isn't just another shiny object that makes big promises but doesn't deliver, leaving you in search of another useless shiny object.

This is real. And it will take real work on your part.

You can walk into a magic shop and buy off-the-shelf tricks and use them to entertain kids and friends - but that doesn't make you a great magician and it's no different in your business. You need real solutions that create lasting results.

That's why this program is 8 weeks long - so you can work the steps as you go along. This keeps you from getting overwhelmed and giving uplike so many of us have done before.

Any successful business owner will tell you that they worked hard to get their business where it is: attracting just the right prospects, creating a solid sales process, and getting those customers to pledge their undying loyalty.

But consider the alternative: working really hard but having to put up with mediocre results, a stagnant income, and suffering from constant worry and fear because you don't have the right system.

See, you're probably working really hard at your business right now but without the results that you could see with this program.

8 weeks really isn't that long considering that 8 weeks ago you were probably in the same place that you are in today. Just imagine where you would be if you would have read this message 8 weeks ago.

But it's not too late because now you have the chance to make the next 8 weeks much better than the last.

Earl Nightingale observed that many people seem to hit a time in their lives when they achieve and acquire more in a single year than in the previous decade. They shift into hyper-wealth attraction mode.

Why is this? Because they stopped messing around and decided to take MASSIVE action, along with getting themselves in sync with the beliefs and mindset that are essential for success.

And it really is a lot less work, and actually rather fun, to get into this "zone"where the prospects flow, the sales happen, and the income increases. As Maxwell Maltz said "what was once difficult becomes ridiculously easy."

Many people don't hit their "wealth stride" until later in life - in their 60's or 70's - but I'm giving you a chance to get started right now, regardless of where you are in life, so you can start experiencing the peace of mind, rewards, increased reverence from family and friends, and overall self-confidence and well-being you'll experience when you join:

The Ultimate Marketing Machine
The Ultimate List Building & Conversion System

umm logo core.jpgThe Ultimate Marketing Machine is comprised of two business-critical components:

1) First is the Ultimate List Building Machine. This
is where you will uncover how the mega-successful create hypnotic copy, generate massive traffic using multiple methods that blend the best of "old school" and "new school" strategies to get just the right formula, and then turn that traffic into high quality leads.

You'll find out how to really speak to your target market so they'll really connect with you and your product or service.

Finally, you'll craft a hypnotic, haunting offer that compels your prospects to do whatever it is you're asking them to do.

2) The second component is the Ultimate Conversion Machine. This is where you find out how to stand out from your competitors, to reach out to your market in unique ways so they form a relationship with you that builds their loyalty and makes them immune to your competitor's sales messages.

Our team will show you exactly what you need to do to build a loyal "herd" like that of GKIC's - where customers stay with you for years, even decades, and wouldn't think of leaving you. A group so loyal that every time you reach out to them, they respond in kind.

Together, these components create The Ultimate Marketing Machine that, with our help, you will customize for your own business.

The Ultimate Marketing Machine is a step-by-step, "paint by the numbers" program that will effortlessly guide you through what works for GKIC, Dan Kennedy, and the legion of under-qualified millionaires and multi-millionaires who live lives of wealth, significance, and contribution because of this blueprint.

We'll share exact templates, materials, and strategies that we use to market GKIC to the masses, including the system Dan has implemented for clients over the last 40 years in the business. You'll have access to a "Members Only" site where you'll find resources and tools that you can swipe and deploy quickly - no more struggling to create things from scratch.

This is big. GKIC rarely pulls back the curtain to show you what goes on behind the scenes to create multi-million dollar product launches, achieve and maintain membership numbers in the tens of thousands, and the secret to getting thousands of people to our international events.

Best part? It doesn't matter where you are in your business. Even if:

1) You're already kicking butt and taking names and are looking for some new tricks that could take your business to the next level. Just one "a-ha" moment from The Ultimate Marketing Machine could generate a newfound burst of wealth for your and put you in a whole new money zone in no time.

2) You're just getting started and are learning the ropes. This is perfect for you because you'll avoid the tons of time and money that others spend on figuring it all out for themselves. You get to use what has already brought success to others and make it work for you just by copying and pasting it into your own business.

3) You're already in business but things have stagnated. No big dealwe've all been there. The Ultimate Marketing Machine is going to reveal secrets that'll allow you to completely transform your business and get it to really move in just 8 weeks. I'm living proof that this works and it can work for you, too.

Now you may be thinking:

Is It Realistic To Think That My Business
Can Catapult To A Whole New Level Of Income In
Just 8 Weeks?

Yes it is realistic. See, the truth is that you're probably working really hard right now but not seeing the results you want to see. Doing this same thing is not going to change your business in 8 weeks.

But doing the things that are known to produce results could really change your business in that same 8 weeks.

And you'll have the GKIC team by your side the entire time.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with succeeding quickly. There's no bonus for doing it slowly and no penalty for doing it fast.

Let's face it, the next 8 weeks are going to pass you by anyway. Will you spend it doing the same old thing and getting the same old results?

Or will you decide that it's your time to catapult your business into a whole new level of success?

Very often, quick success, and especially "getting rich quick", is looked upon as "hokey" or something that is just for other people who happen to get lucky or maybe did something illegal or immoral to make that kind of money.

But when you have the RIGHT tools for success, you can nearly create money out of thin air - not because it's magic but because it's a system that works.

Just think about how your competitors will feel as they watch you soar past them, getting all the good clients and dominating your market.

Your friends and family will wonder what happened to you because all of the sudden you'll feel more confident and certain about your business and will be looking forward to the future.

Those people that doubted you and questioned your decision to go into business will see you relaxed and happy, and their doubts will magically disappear.

That's what TRUE business success can bring you. A state of mind where you wake up looking forward to every single day, knowing you're going to work with the customers, clients, or patients you LOVE to work with, knowing you have systems in place that bring in predictable and certain business, and enjoying the income that owning a successful business can bring.

This kind of success eludes most business owners who will continue to think business is a "dog-eat-dog" affair, where scrounging for leads and customers is a necessary evil, and where infrequent sales are routine.

Forget that!

Here's How the "Ultimate Marketing Machine" Is Going To Effortlessly Guide You Toward Business Success:

The "Ultimate Marketing Machine" is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Every week you'll get handed a specific action plan for the week. This way you can work in bite-sized chunks instead of feeling like you're drinking water through a fire hose and getting overwhelmed

and overwhelm is the #1 cause of inaction and must be avoided.

That's the beauty of the 8 week Ultimate Marketing Machine program - it's spread out so you'll have plenty of time to take action while you still go about running your business every day.

You won't be traveling and away from your business for days at a time.

You won't be paying for airplane tickets, hotels, rental cars, and restaurant meals.

Yes, you will have to work it each and every week.

Because each and every week, you'll be soaking in valuable business success information and taking consistent action steps to dominate your market.

Here's what you'll experience that will put you on the right path in your business:

1) 8 Weekly Live Webinars With Me (Dave Dee) and Guest Experts: Every week, you'll experience a LIVE Webinar session where I'll guide you through the process of creating every piece of your Lead-Gen/Conversion/Shock-n-Awe machine. This isn't "motivational rah-rah" stuffit's the actual plan you will use every week - you'll know exactly what you need to do.

I've even invited guest experts to share what they do to dominate their own markets so you can do the same. I'll guide you through the process of creating every piece of your

We don't share "theory" or speculation. This is what REALLY works when it comes to driving more leads to a business and converting those leads into sales and loyal customers. This is what GKIC has been teaching for 23 years and you're going to get this handed to you on a silver platter.

2) Recordings and Transcripts of Each Webinar Session: Just in case you miss a session, don't worry - it will be available online at your resource center.

3) FAST Implementation Guides: This FAST Implementation guide will lay out the specific steps you need to take in order to execute that week's goal.

We're not going to just have you attend the webinar and leave you to fend for yourselfthis is EXACTLY what you have to do and it's all laid out and ready for you to take action.

4) Templates and Tools: Complete fill-in-the blank templates, tools, and resources that enable you to quickly and easily create every element involved in the lead generation / conversion / retention process - including a Postcard template, Free Standing Insert template, Micro-Sales Letter Template, Checklist Template, 3-Step Grabber Campaign Template, Newsletters for an entire year, and much more. You'll also get our system for authoring your very own BOOK that'll give you massive credibility in your market.

5) Editorial Review Certificates: You will get 3 certificates for Content Reviews/Feedback on whichever components of your Ultimate Marketing Machine that you want. This way, you can be CERTAIN that what you produce meets the bar necessary to generate leads and close the deal.

See, most programs give you the audios or videos and then leave you on your own but that's not how Ultimate Marketing Machine is designed.

This is 8 weeks of experiential learning and immersion into a solid success formula where you'll discover the exact steps to completely transform your business.

And because of the extra involvement of the GKIC team, we must limit participation in Ultimate Marketing Machine to just 75 serious business owners who are ready right now to step up and take action.

When you're one of the first 75 people to raise your hand

You'll Get Our Fill-In-The-Blank Templates That'll Save You YEARS Of Trial And Error

Ultimate Marketing Machine is all about taking action and getting results. And we want you to get results as fast as possible so you're not left scratching your head and wondering what to do.

That's why we're going to throw in the following "fill-in-the-blank" templates you can use to get results quickly: Postcard
FSI (Free Standing Insert)
Micro-sales letter
Biz card
Grabber letters
And much more

These templates alone go for $297 - $597 EACHbecause they save so much time and guarantee quick results.

Listen: these are the exact templates we use here at GKIC but you'll get to use them for your own business. This alone is worth the price of the program because they'll save you a bunch of time and guarantee you're going to see results quickly.

Here's Just SOME Of What You're
Going To Discover That'll Accelerate Your Business and Income In Just 8 Weeks


I recommends Buy premimum account for High speed+parallel downloads!





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