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Melchizedek 2006-2007 Mp3 [Webrip - 140 MP3]

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Melchizedek 2006-2007 Mp3 [Webrip - 140 MP3]

Melchizedek 2006-2007 Mp3 [Webrip - 140 MP3]
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Category: Mindset

--mp3 titles are in Bold
--Titles are listed according to the order they were posted (as far as I know)
--Any information I uncovered about each mp3 is posted here

Creative Visualisation

On the creative visualization one, that was just trying out the idea of effecting the voice. Just recorded affirmation's, and then added echo to the voice and looped it.
Hypnotic Powers

Daruma: The Hypnotic Powers mp3 had a weird effect on me. I listened to it last thing last night, and found it hard to sleep ... had a few hours. Got up early and listened to it again: it had an awesome effect, and a memory of my youth came back to me when I was taking things I shouldn't.... Is the Hypnotic Powers mp3 meant to be listened to every day, or just sporadically?

Mel: I would say. sporadically. It's experimental, so I don't know what to tell you. Though the experience, you had of seeing something about your past, is interesting. I'm not sure, what that means, though.

Money-Magnet Pro Mind

Made another money one. This one's all subliminal, with a brainwave. You might notice a weird vibrating effect, in the background that sound's like someone shivering. Use headphone's.

Used 3 different voices, but all at subliminal level, you'll definitely hear whispher's, plus the shivering effect, which is just a strong reverb on one of the voices. This one can definitely be used in passive mode, don't have to think about anything just listen.

Based on that over-priced rock, that makes you a millionaire, by being in it's prescence.


Here's a passive listening one for developing hypnotic powers. Use headphones.


Made yet, another money one. This one focuses on you, being a "multi-millionaire". Has a brainwave on it, straight Theta wave.

Infinite Mind

It's for "thought projection and mind reading".


I made a mp3, I call "The Manifestor", you listen to it through speakers or headphones, if you want, and you'll feel your deepest dreams, goals, wishes and good fortunes, become manifest in your life, without thinking about them. Or you can think of them if you'd like.

Women Magic

I made another one for being successful with women, only this one deals with overcoming the fear and anxiety of actually meeting them, and going the whole distance. You don't really have to pay attention to it, or think about it, when listening. Use speakers or headphones, if you like.

Melchizedek's Mp3 Booster

I made a booster track for all the mp3's that I posted on this topic. You just loop it a couple of times, it's only 3 minutes long, and then use the regular mp3's that I posted. You should feel a stronger result from listening to any of them.

It might work better playing this track out of speakers, rather than headphones. But it probaly won't make too much of a difference.

King Solomon Sex Amulet


Doubles all sexual pleasures, orgasm, virility, libido, staying power, fantasy, sex appeal!
Arouses lust in others for you!
Ends guilt, abuse, hang-ups, sexual problems!
Wear it, carry it, sleep on it, hide it, Place it on your altar or secret meditation & magick place if you have one!
Works well with other amulets!

So I was thinking, that this was interesting. That this legendary fiqure King Solomon could discover in the ether, the secret to acquiring a power like this, and then place that power in the form of an amulet.

Anyone wearing this amulet, would end up acquiring the power. So I thought if you could translate it, from the invisible to the visible, why not translate it, to the power of sound, and see what happens. So I made a subliminal based on the Amulet, you see pictured above.

King Solomon Attract Love

I found a King Solomon talisman, that was made for attracting women, making yourself irressitible, making your sexual dreams come true, etc. I don't want to post a picture of it, and say I based this mp3 on it, because of copyright infingement.

I originally was looking for this one, but didn't find it, so I made one of the other one. But, you can use both of these together.

King Solomon Psychic Powers/King Solomon Hypnosis Powers

I made a mp3 based on the King Solomon Psychic Powers/Mind Reading talisman.

Sex Magic

I made another sex mp3, this one is very powerful. Using the 72 lesser spirits of the lower key of Solomon. Use this one with caution

King Solomon Hypnosis Silent ver./ King Solomon Hypnosis Silent ver.

Someone PM'd me, and was interested in "totally silent-versions" of The King Solomon hypnosis and psychic powers mp3's. On these, you hear nothing, but the Tomatis-effect makes you feel the power in your mind.

King Solomon Money Attractor

Plus, I made a regular King Solomon mp3 for attracting money

Attract Money Spell/Get Rid of Bad Energies Spell/Conjuring Manifestation Energies Spell/Improve Psychic Abilities Spell/I Need to get Laid Spell/Freedom from Hidden Fears Spell/Weight Loss Spell/Spell to Induce Lust

I found a webpage, that has "Free Magic Spells",http://www.luckymojo.com/spells.html, and on it, they have a ton of different magical spells, that you can do for a variety of things.

I took one of the Money spells, took the whole ritual involving candles, stones, Full-Moon, etc., and made an etheric version of it. So it's like you have all the materials and circumstances to bring more money into your life.

They sell all the materials, at the bottom of each spell. But I made a version, where it's like your following the spell, to the "T", except it's all taking place in the energy in the air. It's what your trying to influence anyhow, by doing the spell. The mp3 I made is only 3.00 minutes long.

Instant Thought Manifestor (Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:40 am)

ATGS 3000 Simulator

Play this short, silent one through speakers, it simulates a ATGS 3000 manifesting out of thin air. (It's the top of the line Welz Rad box, that manipulate's astrological and planetary energies to bring about your intent's and desire's.)

On this one, you can write out a trend, take a symbol card, and your target. Put them together, like your do with a rad box, and place it in out in front of the speakers, on the desk or table their on. Leave it there while it's playing, and even after your done playing the track.

You can do more than one trend/target setup. You can either place them side by side, or stack them atop one another. Works pretty good.

I would loop it a bunch of times, while you place your trend/target set-up or set-up's, out in front of the speakers. Just play it by ear. Then leave your trend/target set-up on the desk, in front of the speakers when your satisfied.

Treat it like it was a rad box. You leave it on a little while, then shut it off.

Money and Abundance

I tired out a new technique for making subliminal's. I took 3 different brainwave frequencies, alpha, theta and delta, and made 3 looped tracks of affirmations, each one with a different brainwave frequency. I panned them out, the alpha track in the front of the mind, the theta in the middle, and the delta at the back of the mind. This is another one for money. try it with or without headphones.

Hypnotize Using Your Eyes

I alos tried out another one for developing hypntoic powers. I used a track for ESP, that I took from the brainwave generator. Then i recorded my voice normal and with an echo and mixed them together. Use headphone on this one.

Overcoming shyness with women (use headphones)

For guys, who have feelings of fear in talking to women and being comfortable around them. Apprehension in getting to meet them, etc.

All Psychic Powers Now

I took alpha, theta and delta waves, mixed them together. Then took the idea of the potential of psychic powers, not existing in the human mind, but in the ether, instead. I made this mp3, for the mind to scan the ether, all around everywhere, and to try and home in, on any, and every potential psychic power or ability that could possibly exist, and then to try and tap into it, immediately.

If it exists in the ether, then you would tap into it, and start using it, now. Like plugging a computer, into an electrical socket, turning it on, and using it, right away.

Mental Telepathy

I made a subliminal for mindreading, you can use either speakers or headphones.

Money Creation

I was thinking about what you said about getting headaches, from using some of the money mp3's. I went over some of the ideas I used, in making them and saw that I didn't really think out, write out, a smooth script for them and that, that's probaly the reason for the mind stress.

I made another money track, and I went over it, to try and make it smoother, easier to listen to and hopefully, a bit more effective. Try this one instead of the one that was diffucult to listen to.

If you have a mini-max, JU 99 or Longhorn try running this one through it. It works pretty good, running it through the Rad-X.

wealth, health, psychic powers and sex (4in1? speakers or headphones, for men)

I took the above 4 subjects, wealth, health, psychic powers and sex and threw them all on one mp3, just to see what would happen, if you tried to influence your mind, with 4 different things all at once.

Mind Sync with your Radionic Box

I made a mp3 for people that are having trouble, knowing what to do with their Radionic boxes. Not knowing what to set for a trend, or how to go about using it. This mp3 helps put your mind in sync with your Radionic or Psionic device. If you don't have a Radionic box, or some type of Psionic device, you can write on paper with a pen, what you want, and get in sync with your own written words.

Master Gambler

I made a short mp3, 2.00, for gambling and for choosing lottery numbers. You can use either headphones or speakers, no special instructions for use.

Good Fortune

Day, I took your suggestion for a general purpose, luck and fortune mp3.
I made a short subliminal for "Good Fortune". You can use headphones or speakers, or run through a Rad-Box.

Immunity to Winter Illnesses

I made a short mp3 for immunity and for overcoming colds, flu and other winter illnesses. If you get sick, try looping it softly in background while you sleep. I've been sick, so I made it. Used a text-to speech editor for subliminals.

MultiMillions Lottery Number Chooser

I made a Lottery one, for choosing the numbers for the Big Multi-Millions Lotteries. You can try, this Lottery one. I myself havn't played the Lottery for awhile, but see what happens.

On that Lottery mp3, get a handful of betting slips for the Mega-Millions lottery, blank ones, keep them on your desk, or wherever. While your listening to the track, look at the betting slip, and try to get a sense of all the numbers, on the slip. See if any numbers, jump out at you, see if you get a tuning in your gut, when you look at the betting slip and any potential numbers, that give you a good feeling.

Also, if you have a Rad box or Chi generator, play this track through it, put the betting slip, with a picture of yourself, underneath and a trend for being lead to choose the correct numbers, for the upcoming lottery, on the trend/target plate. Then use that betting slip, when you choose your numbers and place your bet.

Understanding Science and Mathematics

I threw one together for science and mathematics, but it came out, pretty strong. Give it a try, Sedat or anyone studying mathematics in school or high school.

I guess try listening to it, softly in background, while you have your textbook or homework, in front of you. Or trying just listening to it, then try studying it. Or try looping it overnight, while you sleep.

On the science/mathematics one, if your lost in your studies, play the track, and leave your text book open, in front of you. Or your homework in front of you. Listen to the track, and just start reading whatever's in front of you. Your looking for an "A-ha" feeling to come to you. When you get that feeling, your in the process of discovering the basics and principles of science and mathematics. Once you get that feeling of suddenly realizing, the simplicity of it all, you'll become an Albert Einstein in the subjects.

Take any text or homewwork, that's giving you a hardtime, listen to the track and see if the mental block, doesn't peel back and reveal that piece to the puzzle, you've been missing, that'll answer all your questions, and then you'll be a genius.

Sex with Hot Women/ Subliminal-Sex with Hot Women

I made a short one, for just having sex with hot women and skip the other BS. Use headphones and try looping it a couple of times, it's only 3.00 long.

You listen to this, you should feel more belief in your mind that your going to have sex with women. So going by the laws of the universe, you should end up, having sex with women. The universe should bring it about, because you believe it more.

You should feel like your projecting the idea/energy of making women want to have sex with you, when you look at them.

Astrally Projecting

Someone wanted a mp3 for astrally projecting, I tried making one.

Instant Millionaire

I made another money one, but I tried a different approach. I believe that if you have, even one little shred of doubt, fear or whatever towards making money, you'll always "blow your chances of making money". You'll be compelled to screw up any progress you make, towards a 7 fiqure income.

You need to get to the core of your being and cauterize out, the illusion of poverty, that got stuck in your psyche, by un-enligtened morons, who thought they were doing you a favor, by telling you, you'd always be broke and pathetic, like themseleves.

I tried the idea of an "instant millionaire", being built up in your mind, while it wipes away, the annoying programming of ignaramuses, who insisted on making you afraid of facing life, and taking it by the balls.

On this one, I tried to get, your mind tuned into, becoming a millionaire, in your mind, quickly, then having outside circumstances, match up to your millionaire's mindset.

This one works pretty good, through my Rad-X also, which I like to use alot with these, as it adds energy and power to the tracks, and cuts down on listening to the nature sounds.

There's no brainwaves, so you can use it in any fashion

Sleeping Genie Master mp3

I made a master mp3, of all the titles I posted here. I attempted to make a single mp3, that contains all the ideas, energy of the mp3's, that I posted, under this topic heading.

Money Accumalator/ Beautiful Women Attractor/ Psychic Powers

I came up with a different way of influencing the inner mind, it seems to work pretty good. I made a couple of mini ones, each about 3 minutes. I made one for money, attracting women and for psychic powers. So that's less than 10 Mb. See if you feel the influence, in your deep mind. Speakers or headphones, either or. They remind me a bit of Life of Gods.

Sex God

I've been experimenting with some new ideas, so check this one out, if you want, let me know if you get any results. I made a short mp3, for transfoming an ordinary man, into a sex god in the eyes of women, you think are attractive.

you can use headphones, speakers, or loop overnight


Atlantis, is a time traveling one, back to the continent of Atlantis. I found that I could tap into the energy, of that time period and could actually see what Atlantis was all about.

Although, I have no doubt they'll be people who will read this and disagree about Atlantis actually existing. From using that file, I saw that the people, from Atlantis, were predecessors of the Incas. They built temples, pyramids and practiced human sacrifice. I could actually see them, in my mind, from using that mp3. It was a mind experiment.

James Bond 007 Mindset

I threw one together, to try and make any man, just like James Bond, in all that he does

Money/ Command Women Mentally

Made 2 more sample tracks, one for making money, and the other to mentally command women, so they can't say no to sex. Definitely hitting rock bottom, on the second one.

My Wishes Come True

Chakra Balancer

Mind Reading and Command Chanting MP3

Just made one, for reading and commanding minds through the ancient art of chanting. You don't need to think about any chants, there all done by your sub-conscious mind. Play through speakers in background or headphones.

Awaken Lost Powers of Money Attraction

influence women for men

Here's one for Cosmicmaster fan's. I made a subliminal similiar to The Sensationlist, except I put more emphasis, on getting women to want to go for it, with you. I used the same power source as the Cosmic master, on this one. Use speakers or headphones.

That track, the one I just put up, I wouldn't loop it overnight, might give you nightmares. I'd listen to it as often as you want, while your awake, use headphones or speakers.

Sphinx: So I dowsed many different durations and the pendulum says listening for 20 minutes every 4th day is the most effective for any one wishing to gain benefit from the track. I even asked if doing anything, instead of meditating would hurt effectiveness and got No, so do what you want while listening. Since it is a 5 minute track, it is convenient to loop it 4 times to get 20 minutes. "Loop 4 times every 4th day" has a symmetry to it, so maybe that's wht it works well.

The Mental Matrix

All around you, there exists an amazing power, in a dimension that runs prefectly parallel to you. All day long you move through it, your body, your mind. Totally unaware that this mental dimension, controls your entire life, your reality. Open up your mind, and fully enter it, feel your body tingle with it's energy. Just like the movie, but with the power of your mind. Are you ready, to enter, "The Mental Matrix", your life will never be the same again

The Transformed Mind Manifesting program

Imagine fueling any of your thoughts or dreams with an energy, a power that brings them into your life, effortlessly. Think of an objective, money, success, love,happiness, etc. and listen to this track,"The Transformed Mind Manifesting program". Using subliminally produced sounds of energy manifestation, from the invisble all around you, to the interior of your mind, to the root core of your objectives, to the heart of your goals, dreams, desires. Transform your mind, boost the power of your thoughts, to the infinite. Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha.....

The October Man

I was just reading up on that October Man NLP sequence. Some guy claims to know the real sequence that'll give you the power to give another person any type of identity, by using his techniques, that he says are the genuine thing, whatever they might be. I made a subliminal mp3, based on what I think it is. I guess you can hypnotize anyone, particularly women, or people for business, whatever. I threw this thing together, tried to pull the secrets for, "The October Man", from out of the ether, and into your mind. Like in the movie,"The Matrix".

Mastering the Laws of Attraction

Here's one for creating what you want, using your mind's attractive powers. I used a variety of NLP patterns to induce a perception change on the part of the listener. Just think of anything that you want to attract into your life.

NLP Persuassion Techniques for Men

I agree with you guys, on the fact that the "October Man" NLP sequence, is probaly as real as the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. But, still looking at what I know about NLP, if you can illict a woman's sexual turn-ons, amplify them, then create an anchor to you as being the trigger to making them come alive, there's some truth to it. I put this sequence in a subliminal mp3, but made it happen on a mental level first, then a physical level second.


Here's another mp3 for being a Millionaire, using a bunch of different NLP patterns.

Mind Reading

Psychic Powers

I made a pendulum out of a small key and a piece of walkman wire, cause I didn't have any string. I practiced getting responses, back and forth meaning "Yes', and side to side or a circle meaning "No". I then decided to try and make a subliminal mp3 for, "Psychic Powers", based solely on the swings of the pendulum.

I used the Kabbalah Alphabet for a power source, and I dowsed each letter for a "Yes" or "No" response. I went through each letter and then choose the ones that I got a "Yes" response for. I then went through each idea of psychic powers and dowsed for what to compose the mp3 of. Then I dowsed for the amount of time to use it and if it would be any good or not.

I dowsed for whether you would get psychic powers from listening to it, and got both "Yes" and "No". For the use of it, I got listen once, every other day.

(Q: What kind of psychic powers?
A: I got "Yes" answers for mind reading, thought control, manifesting desires from the ether, fortune telling, tarot cards and their relationship to the universe and understanding and use of magical implements in controlling events in your own and others lives.

Also for developing clairvoyant vision and clairyovant hearing, over infinite distances)

Sphinx: Dowsing Q & A
1) Does the track really help develop psychic powers? Yes
2) Does it develop powers in all areas that Mel mentioned? No
3) As a result of listening to this track, which psychic area will see improvement?
Mind reading Yes
Thought control Yes
Manifesting Yes
Fortune telling No
Tarot No
Magic implement understanding No
Clairvoyant vision and hearing Yes
4) What is the ideal listening frequency and duration for maximum effectiveness of this track? 15 minutes every other day (kept getting Yes for 1 rep then Yes for 2 reps, so asked about somewhere in between, and got Yes. So when I asked specific minutes per session, I came up with 15 minutes.)

Sexual Mind Powers

Mel: I made another track for mentally seducing women, based totally on my dowsing experiments. I think this one might be better than "Influence women for men". You can try dowsing it yourself and see

Sphinx:Mel, I just pasted your questions and dowsed them myself.

First I asked what the best frequency and duration is for listening to this track. I thought I was going to get a Yes on every 6th day, but it stuck and gave me no answer. When I asked about every 7th day, I got a definite Yes. I keep getting weird answers on the most effective duration. I got Yes for one play and Yes for two plays, so I asked specific times and got 9 minutes. This would not make sense unless there is a repeat to the script every minute, but it's what I keep coming up with.

Q. Can you use this mp3, more than once a week, A. No
I had to add "without losing effectiveness" to get a No answer.

Q. Does using speakers or headphones, make a difference, A. No
I got No too
Q. Will using this mp3, more than once a week, affect the results, A. Yes
I used "lessen the results" to get a Yes

Q. Will the person using this mp3, be able to influence women's minds for sex?, A. Yes
I got Yes too

Q. Are there any adverse side effects to using this mp3, A. No
When I used "adverse effects", I got Yes, but when I used "harmful effects", I got No (Maybe I think to much sex is an adverse effect )

Q. After the 3 week period, do you have to listen to it, once a week to maintain the benefits of it?, A. Yes
My answer is different here. It takes 4 weeks to reach maximum effect, then listen every 2nd week to maintain the effect.

Q. Will playing the mp3, through a radionic box, make the mp3 more effective?, A. No
I got a strong No

Q. Should you loop the track, on the one day you use it?, A. No
I already answered this. Yes for a total of 9 minutes of listening time. It would make more sense to loop it once for 10 minutes, but I do not dowse Yes for that, only for 9 minutes.

I also dowsed to find out how much more effective this is than IMFW. I get 20 - 25% more effective.

Becoming a Millionaire

I redid the idea of becoming a millionaire in 30 days, and using the pendulum, came up with a much, more user friendly mp3. With this recording you can use either headphones or speakers, and can listen at your leisure. Just listen at least for 10 minutes, whenever you feel like it.

Mind Slaves

Also, I made another mp3 for influencing women, this one also can be used in any fashion, through headphones or speakers, anytime you feel like it, just use at least 10 minutes, when you use it

listen to track as many times as you want, whenever you want

Restored Childhood Mindpowers

Use speakers,headphones can use any time you want. For bringing your mindpower back to the years of being a youth, but adding all the lost years, that were forfeited by being surrounded by morons, tempting you to hate, resent and judge them.

Hopefully, this mp3 gives you back all those years, in between the day that you lost those powers and today.

Remarkable Visualization Powers

Use in any fashion, that you choose.

Creative Visualization

Try this one, it shouldn't be as stressful on the mind, as the other one (Remarkable Visualization Powers)

1000 times the Cosmicmaster

Just made a new manifesting one, for desires. Using the Cosmicmaster as a yardstick, to measure power and effectiveness against, I wanted to make a subliminal that had 1000 times the power, of any of his mp3's. Use headphones or speakers.

Mind Secrets of the Cosmicmaster

Here's one for developing fabulous mind powers in yourself, just like the Cosmicmaster.

Freedom from Negative Emotions

Use headphones or speakers

It's not so much about remebering past things, which is a good idea. It's mostly for wiping away all your fears, negative emotions. So maybe, you'll be able to dig up and cauterize out, some repressed negative memories, by using it.

Top Secret Rad Box-Become like Superman

Using the energies of the so-called, "Top Secret Rad Box", a made an mp3 for transforming mortal men, into the legendary, comic book super-hero, Superman, the man of steel.

use headphones, speakers, rad boxes, chi-gens,

Someone wanted a mp3 for being superman, having great strength, based on the top secret rad machine. I know it's goofy, but it's different. So since I made it, for this guy, I thought I'd post it. Actually a good self-confidence track.

Become a Master Musician

grab an axe and play this through speakers, headphones, either or.and start rocking.

Shamanic Magic

Communicate with plants, animals, awaken magical powers to tell the future.

Love Spell Casting Powers

I deleted it (women magic), so I made a newer version, from what I can remember about it

Seal of Solomon Amulet Power

I don't know that you could try and make the perfect girl for you appear. You could most likely get, a smoking, hot babe to appear. I don't know about trying to manifest the perfect one, though I have no doubt that one exists somewhere out there for you, that would be your idea of perfect.

I just made one based on the Seal of Solomon. Try listening to it, and mediatate on your ideal girl in your mind. See what happens.

Mentally Visit Parallel Realms

100x the Power

... to make anything you liked doing 100 times stronger. Yeah, it was an improve the ability of doing what you like, better track.

Instant Manifestation Booster

To speak a word to the universe and have it recognize it on the same level as the sun rising in the morning. It's a theory that came to my mind, from making mp3's. It would be an overwhelming amount of power, would probaly kill any of us, if it was possible to make it.

I made a BS version to work in conjunction with the mp3's that I posted here. What you do is, "loop" this track as much as you want, then choose a mp3, any mp3 posted here and hopefully it should feel more attainable in your mind, should feel as if you have it right now, immediately in your mind, on the same level as everything else thats routine for you, in your daily life.

So listen to this one, in any fashion, then take any title posted, on this thread and see what happens.

This track is very similiar to the Top Secret Rad box track, it reminds me of that power source. This ones mostly to take any of your thoughts and manifest them and or turn the mp3's I posted, into instant manifest mp3's.

Mastering the Tarot Cards

Best Subliminal Ever- Woman Magnet

Here's the best made ever subliminal mp3, for turning any man into an irressitible sex magnet to women.

Sphinx: I get odd readings on this but have come to a conclusion. Yes, this track is effective for its intent. For maximum effectveness, listen twice per session. The odd reading I get is that listening to this track for more than one session will not add to the effectiveness of the track. This means listen to it twice in one session and you will not have to listen to it ever again. Yes, the effects will not wear off. Yes, it is more powerful per session than IWFM (Influence Women for Men), but I dowse that the effects of IWFM is cumulative, so that IWFM eventually will be more effective as long as you keep listening according to the schedule of 4 times every 4th day.

Psychic Energy Generator ****Use speakers only****

Loop this short one, through speakers only and you'll feel the room it's playing in, fill up with psychic energy that you can use for a variety of purposes. If you sit in front of the speakers, you'll feel the energy, blasting you.

Spiral of Psychic Energy ****Use speakers only****

I just tossed this together, it should be stronger than the last one. Try looping it through speakers.

Virtual Reality Theater

Eye Gazing Powers of Hypnotic Attraction

Ultra Mind-State Control

I am god.
I am proud of being god.

I am the creator.
I am proud of being the creator.

I am the universe.
I am proud of being the universe.

I am addicted to good.
I am proud of my addiction to good.

....(more on p44 of Sleeping Genie thread)

Dark Arts Radionic Subliminal mp3

this one simulates the,"Dark Arts Rad" program. I made it to compensate for the fact, that the cd-rom I got doesn't work. I took the idea of actually having the radioinc software and transposed it to a subliminal mp3.

It is definitely loaded with evil. No doubt about that. You can listen to it and think about who you want to influence

Every mp3 made by the Cosmicmaster ***possible ‘demonic' side effects?***

This subliminal mp3, contains the energy and power of every single Cosmicmaster mp3, ever made. For best results, listen once every 5 days, either headphones or speakers

If you use this mp3, once every 5 days for a year, you'll have reached the peak of Cosmicmasterdom. No matter what he makes, you'll be on the same level as him.

In other words, their won't be any further to go. You'll never have to listen to another Cosmicmaster mp3, ever again. Because you'll have the same power as him.

If you don't believe me, try dowsing it. I just did and that's what I got for an answer.

So are you willing to risk, one minute, every 5 days, for the next year to find out?

The Chameleon Subliminal

This subliminal mp3, changes to suit whatever subject/title your interested in, at a moment's notice, simply by thinking of what you want the subliminal to be about. This one has nothing to do with the Cosmicmaster.

Radionics Manifestor Booster

I made an mp3 based on the topic, of how can you be successful manifesting with radioincs. What's the secret to succeeding?. This one's a booster track for anyone who uses a device, software or just their imaginations.

No special instructions or listening instructions, use at own leisure.

Magnetically Attract Beautiful Women

Use in any fashion that you want to.

Stephane Hemon's Charka Affirmations

Use at own leisure, in any fashion that you want

Red (Root).
"I AM and the world welcomes me"
"I choose to love my body and take care of it"
"I now to live with honour and consideration"

Orange (Sacral)
"I choose to let go of what I don't need and welcome change"
"I now trust the universe to supply my abundance and prosperity"
"I AM enough"

Yellow (Solar plexus)
"I choose to appreciate all my unique qualities"
"I own my own strength"
"I now keep my power for myself"

Green (Heart)
"I choose to accept myself fully as I am"
"I am truly loved"

Blue (Throat)
"I now say what needs to be said"
"I choose to value and express my creativity"
"My purpose is to serve others with my unique gifts"

Stephane Hemon's Chakra Affirmations Part 2

3rd Eye
"I accept responsibility for creating my reality."
"I now release early life and past life experiences which do not serve my highest good."
"My intuitive connection with my Higher Self is expanding and becoming clearer."

"I merge with the unity of all life."
"I act in alignment with my Higher Self."

and his quick forms:
"I use red energy to create strength and truthfulness"
"I use orange energy to help me transcend the Ego and allow my heart and soul to direct my life"
"I use yellow and golden energy to take back my personal power"
"I am able to forgive myself and others"
"I speak my Truth with discernment, discretion, and compassion"
"I live in peace and tranquility as i bring my emotional nature into harmony with my Spirit"
"I search within which brings enlightenment, inspiration, and wisdom"

Chick magnet update

I updated "chickmagnet", using a bunch of audible voices, multi-tracked, so you need to use headphones on it.

Read 2,000 WPM

Try out this short subliminal for reading 2,000 words per minute.

Sex Magic Secretpower

Made one with audible voice, for accessing "Sex Magic" powers. Use headphones.

Achtung Babys Charka Affirmations

Achtung Baby, I tired to make a mp3 on your affirmations, but really couldn't come up with anythin, so I just recorded the affirmations you posted. It came out kinda rushed and sloppy, something about trying to build an mp3 around a set of affirmations, I just couldn't think of anything to do with it.

Psychic Mind Magic (Use Headphones)

Charisma Magic

Charisma Magic is for developing a manly charismatic you.

Magically create your Reality
This ones for uncovering the great secret, that's eluded mankind for centuries for creating your reality

you can use it as often as you want I dowsed it with a pendulum for answers.

Instant Millionaire

I made a simple track, for the universe to see you as a millionaire, right now. I didn't use any radionic software of hardware, or sound effects in making it.

I used an energy, from the universe to see you as an instant millionaire, right now.

You can listen to it, as much as you want. headphones or speakers.

The universe will see you as a millionaire, instantly from using this. And millions of dollars should instantly come to you, from using this.

I dowsed it, using a pendulum. That's the answers I got.

Pheromones for the Mind

I put together a track, I added a brainwave track from the Brainwave generator, so use headphones. There's a blank spot at the end of the track of about 15 seconds. The brainwave generator, didn't record the full amount into a wave file for some reason

I just remixed out the blank spot at the end of this track.

Releasing Stress

Magic Manifesting Power

I made another track for manifesting desires.

Appear handsome, in the eyes of women

7 in 1 Alpha Male mp3

those 7 out comes are :
Smart, Sexy, Handsome, Irresistibly Attractive, Charming, Charismatic Person, Alpha Male

Becoming Ashtroth

Okay Seeker, I made this mp3 and I think I understand now. Ashtroth appears as a stunningly beautiful women, looks just like Cleopatra, but inside is just a little girl, that wants to be loved.

I played this mp3 and this spirit was so happy. She told me before I made it that she was going to give me the secrets, for any man to have sex with any women, that he wanted. She showed me, that she had them. Anyhow, check it out, see what you think

The Lord Shiva Incarnate

Tom, I took that rocking tune you posted and added a subliminal track to go along with it, to make the listener, become the Lord Shiva incarnate

trauma destroyer 2 (use headphones)

I threw together a short audible track for destroying traumas. It's designed to shock your system, out of fear, the same way you got shocked into having fears in the first place.

Life Transformer(use headphones)

use this track to change bad habits, such as smoking, sexual problems, making your self irresistible to women, making money, self-confidence, etc., etc

Sex Magic 2

Develop a Photographic Memory

Attracting Good Fortune

Overcome all Mental Illnesses

Instant Transformation/Self-Confidence

Mental Seduction Powers

on this latest one I used kabbalah to make a mp3, that would give anyone who listens to it, the power to mentally seduece any women, that he wants.... only smoking hot babes, the ones that you dream about banging in your dreams, will be attracted to you.

Ken, try listening to this track 3 times/day for a month, using headphones.

This is the optimum listening schedule to get the most benefit, from this track. Listening to it more, won't really effect the results, but for anyone who doesn't get much immediate benefit from it, I would suggest trying out this listening schedule.

Seduce Women Mentally companion subliminal

Okay, on this mp3, it's more like filling in the gaps, that the other one didn't have, so it's a bit different. It's subliminal so you can use either headphones or speakers, try looping it in conjunction with the other track.

this subliminal companion is desigened to make any women, that your attracted to, have an overwhelming urge to want to get naked for you, immediately.

Have Sex with Gorgeous Women (Use Headphones)

a final installment for women to make the first move and have sex for you... making one more mp3 to try and complete what the other ones didn't.

Secrets of sexual attraction from the sphere of Venus( Use Headphones)

I channeled as much sex energy, into myself as I could, from the sphere of venus and then just recorded, whatever came into my mind, knowing that the words I said would hopefully contain the sex secrets and power. That track can be used by either men or women.

Rods of Ra Energy ( Use Headphones)

I tried to tap into the secrets of the Rods of Ra, because I was interested in Mr. Green Tea's results, in using the actual rods. That track I don't really know about, but felt that the balancing of male and female energies, might contain the secret to the power of the Rods.

My True Pathway

I just made this one, for discovering your true life purpose.

Raw Sex Pheromone Maker

This one's subliminal, may be a little headachy. I made this one to be like
you went out and purchased sex pheromones. That they would work according to your own body chemistry, with each guy getting his own unique brand of sexual attraction power, that's unique to him. Tried to make an audio version of something that's a chemical.

Black Passion Love Magik

The black passion track is another, "get women for sex" audio. It has nothing to do with listening while having intercourse.

Demonic Sexual Intercourse Power ( Use Headphones)

Your asking these entities to please let you bang all the beautiful women, that you want, because your fully admiting that they have the power to make it so.
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