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GuitarTricks - Country Style Level 1 (2015)

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GuitarTricks - Country Style Level 1 (2015)

GuitarTricks - Country Style Level 1 (2015)
MP4 | AVC 1237kbps | English | 640x360 | 23.97fps | AAC stereo 107kbps | 8.3 GB
Genre: Video Training

The first part of the training system Guitar Tricks Core Learning System to continue in a country style. The course is completely redesigned in 2015.
1: The Acoustic Foundation
Basic Country Strumming
Intro: One-Man Country Band
Strumming Gear and Tone: Spurs, Picks and Steel Strings
Strumming All 4
Accenting 2 and 4
Adding The Upstroke
Speeding It Up
Strumming Pattern Practice Tune
Strumming Front Porch Practice
Common Country Chords
Intro: Cowboy Chords!
Country Chord Gear and Tone
The First Cousins: G and C
Bringing It Home: Adding the D
Partners In Crime: E and A
The Notorious B7
Country Chord Practice Tune
Country Chord Front Porch Practice
Root-Chord Strumming
Intro: Adding Bass To Your One-Man Band!
Root-Chord Gear and Tone
Root-Chord Strumming: E
Root-Chord Strumming: A
Root-Chord Strumming: B7
Root-Chord Strumming: G
Root-Chord Strumming: C
Root-Chord Strumming: D
Root-Chord Practice Tune
Same Practice Tune: Different Key
Root-5 Strumming
Sharpest Right Hand In The West!
Root-5 Gear and Tone
Root-5 Strumming: E
Root-5 Strumming: A
Root-5 Strumming: B7
Root-5 Strumming: G
Root-5 Strumming: C
Root-5 Strumming: D
Root-5 Practice Tune
Root-5 Front Porch Practice
Common Chord Progressions
Intro: Common Chord Combinations
Country Progressions Gear and Tone
8 Bar Country Progression (Ala Jambalaya)
8 Bar Country Progression (Ala Hey Good Lookin')
12 bar Country Progression (Folsom Prison)
16 bar Country Progression (Georgia On a Fast Train)
Substituting Minor Chords - Part 1
Substituting Minor Chords - Part 2
Intros and Outros
Intros and Outros: Leading In and Out!
Intros and Outros: Gear and Tone
Starting On The V
Starting On The IV
Outro From The V
Outro From The IV
Intros and Outros: Practice Tune 1
Intros and Outros: Practice Tune 2

2: Electric Rhythm Tools - Vol 1.
2 and 4 Barre Chords in Country
Behind Barre Chords
Gear and Tone: Electric Twang!
Barre Chords 6th String Root
Barre Chords 5th String Root
Common Country Chord Progression #1
Common Country Chord Progression #2
Common Country Chord Progression #3
Common Country Chord Progression #4
Root/5 Barre Chords In Country
Bouncing Barre Chords
Bouncing Barre Chords Gear and Tone
Barre Chords: Separating The 6th String Root
Barre Chords: Separating The 5th String Root
Barre Chords: Finding The 5 (6th String Root)
Barre Chords: Finding The 5 (5th String Root)
Barre Chords: Root/5 Practice Tune
Tic Toc Part 1
Jump On The Tic Toc Train
Tic Toc Tone!
Tic Toc - Stripping Down The 6th String Root
Tic Toc - Stripping Down The 5th String Root
Tic Toc Practice Tune #1
Tic Toc Practice Tune #2
Tic Toc Part 2
Tic Toc Train Taking Off!
Open Chord Tic Toc Tone
Tic Toc - Open E-Chord
Tic Toc - Open A-Chord
Tic Toc - Open B7-Chord
Tic Toc - Open G-Chord
Tic Toc - Open C-Chord
Tic Toc - Open D-Chord
Open Chord Tic Toc Practice Tune
Basic Triads In Country
Boiling Down The Full Chords
Country Triad Tone
Dissecting The 6th String Barre Chord
Dissecting The 5th String Barre Chord
Adding a Flat 7 - Making It Bluesy
Adding An Alternating Triad - Honky Tonk Style
Country Triad Practice Tune
Electric Intros and Outros
Electric Leading In and Out
Intros and Outros Electric Tone
Intro/Outro From The V - Part 1
Intro/Outro From The V - Part 2
Intro/Outro From The IV - Part 1
Practice Tune 1: Electric Intros and Outros

3: Country Lead Tools - Vol 1.
Triads, Triads and Triads!
Cutting Straight To The Chords
Gear and Tone: Electric Lead Twang
Triad #1
Triad #1 - Making It Your Own
Triad #1 - Following I-, IV- and V
Triad #1 - Arpeggiating
Triad #1 - Arpeggiating and Making it Your Own
Triad #2
Combining Triad #1 and Triad #2!
On The Pentatonic Trail
Single Note Stride
Gear and Tone: Electric Lead Pentatonic Twang
Major Pentatonic - Top 3 Strings
Major Pentatonic - Top 3 Strings - Making It Your Own
Major Pentatonic - D-, G- and B-Strings
Major Pentatonic - A-, D- and G-Strings
Major Pentatonic - Bottom 3 Strings
Changing The Key
When the Blues Scale Becomes Country
The Magic Note
Gear and Tone: Electric Lead Twang
Magic Note On The G-string
Magic Note On The A-string
Magic Notes On The B-string
Using The Full Pattern With The New Notes
Changing The Key
Standard Country Licks Vol 1.
Musical Sentences
Gear and Tone: Electric Lead Licks 1
Basic Country Lick #1
Basic Country Lick #1 - Making It Your Own
Basic Country Lick #2
Basic Country Lick #3
Combining All 3 Licks
Coming Up With Licks
Combining It All
Intro: One Man Country Band
Gear and Tone: Electric Lead Combining
Combining Triads With Major Pentatonic Scale
Combining Triads With Tension Notes
Combining Triads With Licks
Combining All Of It!

4: Electric Rhythm Tools - Vol 2.
Adding Melody Lines
Welcome: Rhythm and Lead Overlapping
Gear and Tone: Melodic Rhythm Tone
Walk-up Lead-in
Using Walk-up's in Chord Progression
Classic Filler Lick
Melodic Lines Practice Tune!
Arpeggios in Country
Welcome: Many Pieces To a Pie
Arpeggio Gear and Tone
Arpeggiating the A-major Shaped Barre-chord
Arpeggiating the E-major Shaped Barre-chord
Arpeggiating the Open Chords
6/8 Arpeggiation
Pedal Steel Sounds
Welcome: When The Lonesome Whistle Blows
Pedal Steel Tone Gear & Tone!
Basic Bending Technique
Adding A Pinkie Note
Alternative Pedal Steel Lick
The Tough One: Bends On G-string
Pedal Steel Practice Tune
Country Chord Licks
Welcome - Welcome To The Honky Tonks
Chord Lick Tone!
Cash'y Chord Lick
Adding the 6th
Introducing The Boogie Pattern
Boogie Pattern - A major shaped Barre Chord
Boogie Pattern - E major shaped Barre Chord
Chord Lick Practice Tune!
Country Finger Picking
Welcome: Ditch The Pick
Finger Picking Tone
The Most Basic Pattern: A minor
The Basic Pattern: D minor
The Basic Pattern: E and G!
Building On The Basic Pattern
Finger Picking Practice Tune!

5: Country Lead Tools - Vol 2.
Half Step Below
Welcome: The Jazzy Touch
Half Step Gear and Tone
Half Step Below - Finding The Notes
Half Step Below - Let's Try a Lick!
More Half Steps
Half Step Below - Let's Try Another Lick!
Something Old - Something New (Mixing In the Half Step Below Approach)
Chicken Pickin'
Pluckin' and Pickin'
Chicken Picking Gear and Tone
Find The Notes and the Right Hand Technique
Your First Chicken Picking Lick!
Improvising With Your First Chicken Picking Lick!
Another Chicken Picking Lick!
Improvising With the New Chicken Picking Lick!
Pedal Steel Lead
Pedal Steel Train Takin' Off
Pedal Steel Licks Gear and Tone
Repeating The Pedal Steel Patterns
Improvising with Pedal Steel Pattern #1
Improvising with Pedal Steel Pattern #2
Improvising with Pedal Steel Pattern #3
Mixing In the Pedal Steel Patterns
Double Stoppin'
When Two Notes Become One
Double Stop Gear and Tone
Double Stops - Chord Tones and Tension Notes
Your First Double Stop Lick!
Improvising With Your First Double Stop Lick!
Extending The Double Stop Lick!
Improvising With The Extended Double Stop Lick!
Acoustic Lead Playing Vol. 1
Ditch The Voltage
Acoustic Lead Gear and Tone
Acoustic - Transferring the Electric Vocabulary
Acoustic - Open Position Vocabulary
Adapting The Classic Country Licks To The Open Position
Your First Acoustic Lick
Improvising with Your First Acoustic Lick
Using a Capo to Change The Key
Acoustic Lead Playing Vol. 2
Acoustic All The Way
Acoustic Lead Gear and Tone
Acoustic Open E minor Pattern
E minor Pattern over E major Chord
Resolving The Minor Tension With Major Notes
Your Two Different Capo Choices
Simple Acoustic Practice Tune

6: Country Gear and Tone
Twangy Guitars
Twang Time!
Telecaster AKA “Telly”
Stratocaster AKA “Strat”
Jazzy Hollowbody - Gibson 335
The Bigsby / Vibrato Arm
Acoustic Guitars - Nylon Vs. Steel Strings
Country Amp
Firin' Up An Actual Amp!
Trusty Old Telly
What's What?!
Channel 1: Getting A Basic Sound
Channel 2: Adding Some Reverb and Tremolo
Channel 2: Adding Overdrive
Channel 2: Adding Overdrive with Pedal
Slap Back Delay
Welcome . . . (welcome . . . welcome . . . )
Basic Delay Knobs
Slap Back Delay
Slap Back Delay With Rhythm - Setting The Knobs
Ambient Washy Delay for Pedal Steel
The Jokers
The Country Jokers
Introducing the Volume Pedal
Using Volume Pedals for Pedal Steel Swells
Introducing The Compressor
Country Compressor Example
Country Phaser








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