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[linuxcbt Com] Unixcbt Sol11x Edition

Category: Tutorials

[linuxcbt Com] Unixcbt Sol11x Edition
[LinuxCBT.com] UnixCBT Sol11x Edition | 5.66 GB


Description: Video on the administration of Oracle Solaris 11 OS.

Installation | Features

Discuss features of Solaris® 11
Explore Topology
Provision virtual resources
Live Media Installation
Evaluate Installation
Text Installation
Automated Installation
Contrast Installation methods
Identify installed resources

Post-Installation Tasks

Sysconfig - Reconfigure system as needed
Explore Boot Environment
INIT - Follow Boot Cycle

Service Management Facility (SMF)

Explore implementation of service management
Contrast with SYSV method
Identify key files and daemons
Identify managed services
Explore properties of services
Manipulate services as needed
Effect changes to running system

$SHELL Basics | Navigation | Key Commands

Explore default $SHELL environment
Expose key variables
Review semantics: I/O | Redirection | etc.
Identify and use important UNIX commands
Apply command chaining
Use logical ANDing and ORing to achieve desired results

User | Group Management

Identify key files and commands
Explore current configuration
Discuss important user | group properties
Provision additional users | groups
Use GUI to manage user | group | role resources
Explore GUI environment

Package Management

Discuss current framework
Compare current framework to open source methods
Use GUI to explore and manipulate packages
Explore and use CLI package management utilities
Find | Add | Remove Packages
Evalaute results

UNIX Permissions

Discuss UNIX Discretionary Access Control (DAC) standard model
Identify applicable permissions on system objects
Manipulate permissions to suit current conditions
Test permissions across users | groups
Implement permissions as needed

CRON Scheduler

Discuss applicability
Explore system defaults
Discuss supported schedules
Schedule jobs as needed
Ensure automated functionality
Debug as needed

Network Stack Administration

Explore network settings | statistics | sockets with: 'netstat'
Discuss networking concepts applicable to Solaris
Complete an overview of network stack implemenation
Contrast stack implementation with prior versions
IP Administration basics - configuration - static
Dynamic IP Administration configuration
Conjoin dynamic and static configurations as needed
Provision additionaly IP subnet as needed
Explore IPv6 support
Committ new settings and evaluate

Storage Administration - UFS | SWAP | ZFS | TMPFS

Review storage basics as implemented by Solaris
Explore current configuration
Provision UFS slices as needed
Dynamically allocate SWAP as needed
Confirm rolling SWAP allocation
Introduction to ZFS Administration
Discuss ZFS basics applicable to all installations
Add | Extend ZFS storage pool as required
Take ZFS snapshots as needed
Confirm snapshots and footprint
Clone ZFS resources as needed - Discuss use-cases
Discuss ZFS streams
Implement in-memory TMPFS
Evaluate storage modifications

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Discuss importance of optimal time synchronization
Identify default configuration
Locate internal | external time resources
Configure NTP to synch accordingly
Debug common synch issues related to system suspension
Manually synch time as needed to reduce skew
Confirm reliability of NTP hierarchy
Ensure all nodes use NTP persistently

Secure Communications

Identify important SSH utilities and features
Create secure remote terminals with SSH
Move data non-interactively with SCP
Use SFTP to secure data transmissions
Configure PKI, passwordless authentication
Confirm seamless PKI based authentication

Content Transfer Utilities

Synchronize content securely using RSYNC
Fetch content using WGET
Use cURL to fetch content
Contrast WGET and cURL
Install and use gFTP to graphically interact with: FTP | SFTP servers

Archival | Compression Utilities

Generate sample content for compression and archiving
Use GZIP to compress content for storage | transport
Compare source and compressed content footprints
Transfer content using RSYNC and evaluate performance
Use BZIP2 to compress content for dual purposes
Contrast BZIP2 footprint with GZIP
Archive content for convenience using TAR
Evaluate and discuss findings

Terminal Multiplexer

Identify use cases for screen multiplexer
Explore default environment and possible caveats
Use 'screen' to spawn multiplexed environment
Navigate environment using escape sequences
Attach | Detach | Kill | Re-spawn sessions as needed
Share screen sessions from various nodes
Allow process to persist across connections
Evaluate benefits

SYSLOG - Configuration

Explore defaults
Explain facilities and levels
Trap data as needed
Centralize SYSLOG dumps to LOG_HOST
Replicate SYSLOG dumps for redundancy
Explore LOG Rotation defaults

Extraction | Parsing Tools

Extract lines of interest with GREP
Parse fields of interest with AWK
Modify streams with SED
Combine tools to parse and manipulate content as needed

DNS Clients | Server | Configuration

Explore client resolution environment: key files and defaults
Use various clients to resolve inquiries for local and public resources
Implement DNS caching-only services
Test forwarded resolution of requests via caching-only DNS instance
Implement Primary DNS zone
Confirm resolution of authoritative records from Primary DNS zone
Replicate DNS zone to secondary servers
Confirm replicated results to secondary servers
Update records and confirm across nodes
Provision reverse IPv[4|6] records
Confirm reverse resolution of both protocols

FTP Services

Introduction to FTP services
Implement FTP server
Explore configuration - defaults
Test connectivity
Manipulate various FTP server options and confirm results

NFS Services

Discuss use-cases
Implement NFS shares
Mount NFS shares on clients and test accessibility
Vary share options and confirm on clients
Evaluate results

TFTPD Services

Discuss the benefits of TFTPD
Implement TFTPD server
Move data using standard TFTP client
Confirm appropriate permissions and highlight caveats
Archive infrastructure configuration via TFTPD
Confirm results

SMB Services

Discuss features & benefits
Contrast with Samba Server
Identify SMB resources
Implement SMB server
Test accessibility via SMB | CIFS

Apache - Web Services - HTTPD

Introduction to Apache HTTPD
Identify default configuration
Publish Apache manual
Configure and expore $USER directories
Discuss Apache LOGs and configurabiljity
Implement IP-based Virtual Hosts (VHosts)
Implement Name-based VHosts
Contrast applicability and configurability of various VHosts


Discuss virtualization options
Highlight benefits of zones
Discuss features and restrictions
Implement zones
Confirm connectivity to zones


Introduction to Roles Based Access Control (RBAC)
Identify default roles and associated privileges
Contrast RBAC with DAC
Explain how RBAC augments DAC
Install NMap security scanner
Perform reconnaissance on all nodes
Identify potential vulnerabilities
Take steps to strengthen overall security posture of nodes

Year: 2015
Manufacturer: LinuxCBT.com
Manufacturer Website: https://www.linuxcbt.com/products_unixcbt_sol11x_edition
Author: Dean Davis
Duration: 41 hours
Type of material dispensed: Video Tutorial
English language

Sample Files: None
Video Format: MP4
Video: AVC, 1366x766, 16: 9, 5.000 fps, 120-256 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, ~ 135 Kbps, 2 channels







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