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Ben Adkins Evil Traffic Magician

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Ben Adkins   Evil Traffic Magician
Ben Adkins - Evil Traffic Magician
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A couple of years earlier, we were having a hard time to drive traffic to among our sites. We were instantly overwhelmed with the quantity of understanding and ability it required to effectively drive traffic to our website. We had actually presumed that if we produced a website that deserved seeing, it would be seen. We might not have actually been more incorrect.

We encountered a variety of business who provided to take control of this complicated job for us. We chose to check out a variety of them to see how our competitors accumulates.

They provided lots of plans of visitors. I remember my very first purchase. I purchased 5,000 targeted hits from them for $10. My item cost $15 at the time, so I figured a minimum of 1 individual from 10,000 would acquire. The days passed, and my counter went bananas.
The Results

After our agreement ended, all my hits had actually been provided as anticipated. I did not have one sale!!

I Should Have Learned My Lesson!

Believing this needed to be a fluke. I changed to another business, and purchased the very same plan.

Once more, I GOT NO SALES !!

I could not determine exactly what was going on. I was positive my advertisement's were composed well. The website was well created and prepared, and my item remained in need .
I Started To Investigate

Disappointed, I began to examine precisely where these visitors were originating from. I found, that I had actually come down with among the most typical rip-offs on the web. I could not think my eyes when I initially found the keys these business's usage to drive traffic to the customers websites.

I inspected the script I had actually set up that was utilized to inspect in-depth statistics on all our traffic. All 10,000 of our hits can be found in 2 days, and all 10,000 of them were logged in for less than 3 seconds. Not a single among them browsed past our primary page. My statistics script will certainly likewise inform me where my traffic was referred from, and exactly what keywords they utilized. All these hits had the exact same reference, and didn't utilize keywords. This last reality isn't really vital, since any business, great or bad, will certainly reroute their traffic sources through their domain. This is simply to keep rivals from taking their sources (excellent or bad).

I think that these business's are going to spend for their greed and dishonesty at some point in the near future.

In the next couple of pages, we are going to expose precisely how these greedy business fraud you. This will certainly assist you prevent such frauds, and put your cash to great consumption, instead of losing it.

You Will Be Shocked at exactly what these business's do to send you traffic!

This is the most immoral, dishonest, and unethical company practice I have actually ever found online. These business understand precisely what they're doing. After all, if their traffic approaches work, would not they utilize it themselves? Why is a business providing countless hits to their visitors, when they are just getting 10-15 strikes a day? They do not utilize their own techniques, since they understand their hits are worthless.

I came down with this fraud, as have countless others. These business provide you a sales pitch something like this .

Suppose that you offer an item for $25 which in a worst case circumstance just 1 % of your visitors buy your item.

A typical website gets less than 100 hits each day (3,000/ month). Hence, around 30 individuals will certainly buy the item monthly (1 % of 3,000). That indicates you are taking in just $750 each month (30 x $25).

With our service: Suppose the website owner (you) purchases 100,000 visitors with our service. Utilizing our presumption that just 1 % of visitors will certainly buy the item, an overall of 1,000 purchases will certainly be made. That's a value of$25,000! Which is if just 1 % of visitors buy the item! Think of the return on your financial investment!

If you're like me, you got very thrilled when you check out that. After all, there's no imaginable method you cannot a minimum of make your financial investment back, right? INCORRECT!!

You give up, buy their service, and initially, you get delighted, since traffic is gathering! Quickly you recognize that your cash is making you absolutely nothing. In truth it's costing you your bandwidth, and not providing any outcomes!

Obviously no business, no matter how trustworthy they are, can ensure you sales. That depends extremely on your advertisement copy, cost, and the need of the product. I can ensure however, that a few of these business's have countless customers, and not one of their customers has actually ever made a sale.

I purchased my traffic . Now where are all my orders?

Now keep in mind, worst case circumstance is that 1 % of your visitors will certainly purchase your item. Right? INCORRECT! If that's the case, then where are your orders? These business's location these advertisements right in your face when you see their site. In this manner, your offered prior to you even see the rate, and you'll purchase into their high costs.

Naturally you are going to think that you'll settle your "financial investment" immediately, and make a lots of money. After all, you invested hours composing that "ideal advertisement," so you're going to attract a lot more than 1 %.

I'll let you in on a key. No matter how great your advertisement is, it does not do any excellent if it's never ever checked out.

You sit there and see traffic come flying in at hyperspeed. Then they fly out. You do not make any sales. Exactly what do you do now? If you're like me, you're going to email them, grumbling how you didn't make any sales from their services. They're going to inform you some variation of the following .

"I'm sorry you didn't make any sales. If you read our terms, you would see that we can just ensure that we send out the traffic to you. The sales are your obligation. We can not ensure sales, due to the fact that we are not associated with the writing of the ad.".

This leaves them clean from providing any refunds. Believe me, they will not reimburse your cash!

Beginning to get suspicious? The reality is your traffic was provided in a deceptive method.

You were sent out FAKE VISITORS, or GHOST VISITORS, as they are commonly called online.
Have you been tracking your traffic?

Lots of people do not recognize that there are complimentary scripts that you can set up on your website to track in-depth stats about your traffic. I'm not speaking about counters. Counters are unreliable, plus they do not inform you anything about your visitors.

If you in fact monitor your traffic, you can discover great deals of aspects of your visitors. Consisting of the nations they're from, their IP addresses, the time they concerned your website, the time they left your website, the website's they were referred from (google, yahoo, and so on.), and the keywords they utilized to look for your website.
My stats were stunning!

The traffic I bought had no IP address, no online search engine, none of my visitors browsed past the front page! I spent for these "Guaranteed Real Visitors," and I deserve to understand where they originate from. Think exactly what, I figured it out!

A few of the hits that they had actually sent out, mistook, and didn't camouflage their origin in addition to they ought to have .

I kept seeing the very same IP address over and over and over once again about 900 times in one day. I believed someone out there truly has to enjoy my website or it's the fraud struck business I employed. Well I clicked the link that night which was identified with an IP address, not the real web site.com name itself simply the varieties of the IP address . I clicked that and would not you understand it? I got simply a website informing me it does not exist.

With my project still running the next day in addition to all the "unidentified" locations I seen a strange url and needed to click that to see where over 500 of the very same individuals were originating from and I wound up in Pop Up hell! You understand that hell do not you? Where you are swarmed with many turn up that you actually need to disengage on your computer system to obtain out of it? The unfortunate part about that link is that the Pop Ups were from PORNO websites!

It's no surprise these business do not inform where they provide their traffic from! After all, what ethical company wishes to promote on those revolting adult websites?

So you wish to know precisely how this works?

After following the mistook reference link, I was directed to a site where anybody can publish their own totally free adult website. (If your going to attempt and follow these links yourself, I would recommend changing your browser to text just mode, as I did. Otherwise you'll get flooded with pop-ups, and revolting porno photos.).

Now we have actually identified that my traffic was originating from this website, however I didn't see my website at all .

I changed back to my traffic log, and struck refresh. I WAS STUNNED! At the top of my log, I had 12 hits to my website, all with my IP address!!! By seeing this website simply when, I got 12 hits!

I switched to www.Alexa.com Alexa is a website ranking service, that can inform you how popular a website is. This adult website that I was noted on was getting 786,376 hits each day, usually throughout that week. Multiply that by 12, which's where all my traffic originated from!

So now we understand exactly what website is producing the traffic, however how are they camouflaging the IP address. Why had not been my website ever revealed on screen to me? The response depends on the HTML source code .

Here are the secret codes !!

One of the techniques that these business make use of is a the method they conceal where your traffic is originating from. The method they do this is through a redirect code. A redirect code is merely a code that web designers utilize on their sites to take one site and send it another method.

The greatest technique is how they can inexplicably pack your website several times, without you seeing it. They do this by embedding your website into theirs, and making it small. So small in reality, that it resembles a duration. So instead of utilizing durations at the end of their sentences, they simply embed their customers websites websites to appear like a duration.
Attempt it on your own.

Open your HTML editor, or note pad, and produce a sample page utilizing this code.

Checking the Embed Script

> Now open it in your web browser. Exactly what you get is a little box in the left hand corner of your site. For this example, I made the code 5x bigger than these business do. So you can see how quickly they camouflage these websites. Inside that little square, is really a whole site!!

So your thinking, they simply embed my website into that little square, 10-15 times on the page, which's where my hits originate from. Yes, and No. Basically that's how it works, however if they put your site into that square, you might quickly trace the traffic back to the adult website. So exactly what they do is put their redirect page into that square, and reroute it to your website, so now it appears like all the traffic is originating from them.
So let's put all of it together.

You purchase traffic from a traffic business.

The traffic business develops a totally free adult website and notes it into a directory site of complimentary adult websites. According to our alexa evaluation these websites get 786,376 hits daily. If their redirect page gets 12 hits whenever somebody loads the adult website, that indicates they have approximately 9,436,512 hits daily, which they divide amongst their customers.

For a few of the Monster Traffic Companies, 9.5 million visitors a day simply isn't really enough. They can quickly turn that 9.5 million visitors, into as lots of as they require. Instead of embedding the redirect page. They embed a page loaded with these durations. That method, when their "duration farm" page loads, they can have as numerous websites load as they desire.

They merely alter the redirect page to whatever customer they desire the traffic sent out to.

Your counter goes nuts, and all your hits are provided.

You never ever make a sale. Now you can comprehend how you might have countless visitors sent your method, and never ever make a sale. Your website is never ever truly shown.

The traffic business has actually provided precisely what they stated they would, and are clear from any refunds.







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